Telerik ASP.NET RadGrid Quirkiness

Greetings all! I've been working with Telerik's fine suite of controls lately, and unfortunately, spent almost two hours spinning my wheels this morning over this one. Apparently, if you're using a RadGrid with the following conditions, except troubles...

  • Using Telerik Script Manager Control
  • Using Telerik RadGrid control
  • Using Telerik AJAX Panel
  • Configured Data table (Master or Detail table) EditMode="Popup"
  • ASP.NET Validator Controls in your edit columns--either applied server side in your grid's ItemCreated event or in a EditItemTemplate

You get a JavaScript error when the "Edit" button is clicked, and your Popup form doesn't display.

In my scenario, everything's wrapped in an AJAX Panel, so there's "no postback". Since this is the case, I've disabled Client Side Validation for my Validator Controls--and things started working again. Warning for you though, disabling Client Side Validation on your Validator will be an inconsistent behaviour compared to some of your other uses--may be less than desirable. Hurrah. Any ideas? I suspect a bug with the ScriptManager / RadGrid combo. Hard to say, though.

Zoidberg Away!

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