RabbitMQ Research

This is more of a TODO: for me than anything else, but I think I'm going to need to play with RabbitMQ in the not-too-distant future. Details can be found here:


It's a message broker, and it can be compared to several tools including BizTalk, Microsoft MQ, and Amazon Simple Queue. More research needs to be done.

I'd rather not...

  1. Be bound to Windows unless absolutely necessary. (It's true, while I'm a .NET developer, and I'd quite prefer my code to stay C# for the time being, I'd rather not be bound to Microsoft Servers. The guys on the Mono teams have gotten good lately...
  2. Use my database engine as a queuing platform. Technically it can be done, but it's not quite an eloquent solution
  3. Ever use BizTalk again.
So, the research begins...

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