Charting Tools in HTML with SVG

I've been looking at charting tools lately for HTML + SVG, and I've come across these guys... I like it. Licensing is a bit more than my usual post on here, but it's not bad, really...


Productivity != Time Management

Thanks David Kadavy for this great quote:
"Productivity is less about time management than it is about mind management."
Truth, that.



Update: The Cost of a C# License

An update to my earlier post, it seems that there are some developers who agree that C# is a better alternative to Java...



The Cost of a C# License

I came across an interesting article today about the cost of a C# license. Good read...


Thanks Bradley for an interesting read. It's nice to know folks are thinking about this, and this is definitely interesting insight.

Keyboard Shortcut of the Day

Control + Shift + I.

  • Outlook -> Go to Inbox
  • Chrome -> Open Developer tools.
I'm sure it does stuff elsewhere, too. Have fun!

Zoidberg away!