Why Would Anyone Use Cygwin?

So, while browsing Lifehacker today, I came across an article (http://lifehacker.com/5807358/how-to-get-mac-os-xs-best-features-on-windows) that focused on using some of OS X's nicest features in Windows.

They suggested that using a *nix command line processor would make you feel right at home. I scratched my head as they said that, as Cygwin has given me grief over the years. It doesn't quite behave like a good ol' *nix shell, yet it doesn't behave like something in Windows it should. I've seen bugs with Grep and RegExes, to name a couple frustrations. Turns out, thought, I'm not alone...
Why anyone would use a poorly ported bash shell in Windows as opposed to the absolutely remarkable Windows Powershell is beyond me. PowerShell gives you the full power of the .NET framework, WMI, and ActiveXObjects directly from the command prompt. I'm sorry but cygwin just can't compete (on any level) with the native Windows Powershell.
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Bill and Neal are right. PowerShell is amazing. Microsoft has a winner with that tech... As I'm sure you've already seen by reading this blog, I love PowerShell.

Alas, Zoidberg away!

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