Mozilla, Idiots.

So Mozilla announced today that in an effort to tighten security and improve performance, they will disable plugins in FireFox by default. I applaud them. The likes of Java and Acrobat have been crushing my computer for years. What's wrong, though, is they've left Flash enabled. (http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/31/java-silverlight-disabled-by-default-firefox/)

I've been very vocal about my support for the future of the web. Html 5 is definitely the way of the future. Yeah, as a Microsoft developer, I'm saddened to see Silverlight die a slow miserable death (and/or become the Windows [Phone, Desktop] App Store platform of choice. Alas, Silverlight's time as a web app is numbered. So too is Flash's. In fact, Flash died on June 29th, 2007. Yet, here it is enabled, in FireFox by default, while all other plugins are gone.

This isn't Mozilla alone. Back to my rant on Google. Why does Chrome force Flash down our throats, too? Chrome is almost my perfect browser, with only a handful of exceptions--Flash being the single biggest one.

Developers, repeat after me.


Mozilla--you guys are a bunch of morons.

Google--you guys are a bunch of morons.

Microsoft--I'm proud that you were able to leave Flash behind in the recent release of Windows. And Apple, with the iPhone. Kill Flash. Now.

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Todd Jordan said...

Fun. I guess I'll have to keep using Flashblock or noscript.